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“In Flos, you can’t find a uniform design model, but rather a strong desire to make design that can express broader meanings of the ‘sense of our time,’ meanings that are often capable of adding cultural values even to expressions of taste.”

Achille Castiglioni


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Flos' flame enlightens the world.


Recognised globally for its iconic design and technological innovation, Flos is a leading high-end Italian lighting Brand, both in the residential and architectural sectors. 

Since its establishment in 1962, Flos' pieces have received numerous international awards and many of these products are now featured in the permanent collections of leading international art and design museums such as the MoMA in New York, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and Le Centre Pompidou in Paris. A unique feature of Flos is its longstanding exclusive relationships with world-renowned designers and architects such as Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Antonio Citterio, Jasper Morrison, Patricia Urquiola, Vincent Van Duysen, Michael Anastassiades and many others. 

With its two main operational headquarters in Brescia (Italy) and Valencia (Spain), the company is comprised of four different business streams and related R&D departments: Decorative, Architectural, Outdoor and Custom. Flos exports to more than 90 countries worldwide and has a global presence with flagship stores in Milan, Rome, Paris, New York and Stockholm.

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The Arco floor lamp, designed in 1962 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, is one of the most iconic, imitated and quoted objects of Italian design, and a best seller to date. Its truly innovative design is a visionary synthesis of genius, simplicity and perfection. Inspired by a street lamp, its main design component is the need to project the light from above without being bound by a chandelier on the ceiling or by something bulky near the table.

In the original Arco lamp, a telescopic stainless steel arch allows light to be diffused through the adjustable reflector, while the heavy marble base -about 50 kg- anchors the entire structure to the ground. In this ingenious lamp nothing is left to the imagination. Every element has a specific function and is in strict equilibrium with the others. The small hole in the base -coinciding with its center of gravity- is not a simple decorative detail but a device for movement. In fact, it ensures the possibility of transporting the lamp through the admission of a broom stick or similar handle.

In 2022, Flos celebrates the 60th anniversary of Arco with a precious limited edition of 2022 numbered pieces. Thanks to the transparency of its lead-free crystal base, Arco K reveals the mechanics of the lamp and emphasizes the revolutionary design gesture of the arc.

Flos Arco Floor lamp _ FlosB&BItaliaGroup
Arco by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

Flos Bespoke

Since the 1990s, Flos has been developing the contract business area, in response to a growing demand for specific solutions addressed to high profile custom lighting projects. Flos’ contract projects around the world provide pitch-perfect examples of the kinds of sublime collaborations the company’s four divisions make possible today.

Flos Bespoke is the division of Flos Group specializing in the development and production of custom lighting solutions. With plants in Italy and the US, Flos Bespoke’s outstanding capabilities range from the personalization of standard collections with special finishes and light sources, to the custom-tailoring of high performance products, up to the bespoke production of unique solutions for large-scale projects, where each device is designed and developed according to the most challenging architectural needs. Passion, design and technology characterize each contract project. Across the fields of retail, residential, hospitality, public spaces, and workspaces, Flos steps in to make the best of a building and its surroundings, highlighting its details and helping its truest essence shine.

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Luce Verticale by Bouroullec brothers for Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection, Paris

Flos for Planet

Flos is conscious that sustainability is not a’ key point, but ‘the’ key point for getting through present and future times. It is the generating source of a new mindfulness era and the pivotal topic of Flos’ acting as a responsible manufacturing company.

Their belief results in pervasive actions and in every single choice, process, project, directive at all corporate levels and beyond, up to the players of the value chain and to the stakeholders.

They demonstrate it throughfacts, figures and actions constantly in progress, on which they will keep you regularly updated. Since 2015 the Flos Sustainability Report has been yearly published to communicate the reached performances.

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Almendra Flos_ FlosB&BItaliaGroup
Almendra by Patricia Urquiola

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