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Purpose & Values

B&B Italia_FlosB&BItaliaGroup hero
B&B Italia_FlosB&BItaliaGroup hero

We design for a beautiful life

I’m sometimes asked: what makes a brand valuable? Well, the value is rooted in the desirability of the products it makes, and whether they are innovative and sustainable. But just as important is the brand’s reputation, whether the brand keeps earning the trust of customers, employees, suppliers and partners.

Daniel Lalonde

CEO Flos B&B Italia Group

Our Values


Entrepreneurial Spirit

Acting as if the Company were yours, with passion and courage, continuously energizing and inspiring people.


Customer First

Delight our customers, placing them at the heart of whatever we do, being so close to them as to anticipate their needs.


Passion for Design & Creativity

Make every day extraordinary, by challenging the status quo with unlimited curiosity and the excellence of our craftsmanship, to realize an avant-garde design.


Sustainable Beauty

Merging ethics and aesthetics across all our products, in a nutshell our ethos of beauty.

FlosB&BItaliaGroup_strongher together

Stronger Together

Collaborate without boundaries, leveraging on the principle that unites each of us as a “We”.

Group Code of Ethics

The Group Code of Ethics is designed to reflect our Brands’ and our own core values in our mission to beautify homes and public spaces, and to guide us as an ethical and practical compass in the achievement of our daily goals. As such, this Code of Ethics applies to all aspects of, and to all the subjects involved in, our Group’s activities, irrespective of their nationality, location, position or seniority in the business.


The Code of Ethics is applied in all countries in which the Group companies have corporate seat.

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