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At Flos B&B Italia Group our design ethos is a sustainability ethos. We not only strive to create beautiful objects, but we pursue sustainability as a means of beautification to be reached through creativity and innovation. 

Driven by a purpose of “We design for a beautiful life,” the Group designs for the planet, people and culture. The Group encompasses Flos, B&B Italia, Louis Poulsen, Maxalto, Arclinea, Azucena, FENDI Casa, Audo and Lumens.

Our products are the result of a mindful process that aims to take into account the environment, the interests of all of our stakeholders, as well as our heritage and community.

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We design for a beautiful life


“We exist to make homes, public spaces and life itself more beautiful. For us, sustainability is intrinsic to that mission and is a value woven into the DNA of our Brands. As a Group we are committed to being recognised as pioneers and leaders in adopting sustainable policies and practices and in developing a new concept of luxury high-end design that has sustainability at its core.”



Daniel Lalonde

CEO Flos B&B Italia Group


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FlosB&BItaliaGroup_Sustainaibility cover1

The Pillars of our strategy

With a global leadership positioning comes great responsibility and we intend to use our platform to model and inspire meaningful change. Since the foundation of Flos B&B Italia Group, our mission has been to spread beauty and design culture around the world. The quest for quality and excellence are key elements of our vision. Flos B&B Italia Group fosters eco-design principles across its activities and value chain, enabling its iconic Brands to continuously elevate their heritage and best practices, making products that are fully sustainable, and transitioning to a circular economy.

Our Group also promotes sustainable luxury that guarantees the well-being of our employees, suppliers and customers. Respecting diversity and fostering a fair, inclusive work environment where each and every individual is empowered and able to unlock their full potential, all the while generating value for communities around the world is our top priority. Supporting heritage is another shared priority with each Brand of our Group nurturing design talent, engaging in scientific research and fostering pioneering partnerships to preserve iconic design legacies for the benefit of future generations.

A vision of harmony rooted in three fundamental pillars that shape and inspire our sustainability strategy: design for the planet, for people, and for culture.

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Design for the Planet

To foster our commitment to sustainability, blending innovation, eco-design, and circularity principles in our business activities, and throughout our value chain.

Design for People

To ensure a thriving workplace that guarantees fairness and inclusion as well as generating value to communities around the world.

Design for Culture

To nurture our Brands’ identities by preserving craftsmanship and design heritage, from scientific research to the preservation of design legacies for the benefit of future generations.

Putting ethics at the heart of our business conduct is essential to the sustainable development of our activities. The culture of integrity is based on compliance with law and regulations.


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