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Ambition & Commitment

Arclinea FlosB&BItaliaGroup_Hero
Arclinea FlosB&BItaliaGroup_Hero

Be the global leader in luxury design with an unparalleled portfolio of complementary "love" Brands, reaching architects and final consumers through a multichannel approach.

Strategic Vision

By bringing together multiple Brands and helping each achieve their best, Flos B&B Italia Group is a global leader in an otherwise traditionally highly fragmented market of high-end design. With a strong cultural heritage, characterised by multi-channel distribution and diversified product categories, the Group has created a unique design hub, offering a platform with which carefully selected luxury design Brands can be accelerated to grow at scale through a well-defined strategic approach. Our strategic pillars are:

Brand Desirability_Mobile
Brand Desirability_Desk

Making our Brands more attractive, better known and sought after.

Direct to consumer_Mobile
Direct to consumer_Desk

Enhance and personalize the customers’ experience,

getting closer to our end customer and our design community.

International Expansion_Desk

Expand our geographical reach, boosting our presence in markets with high growth potential

and building our strong positions into mature ones.

Contract Business_Desk

Strengthen our leadership in high-end Contract business, providing considerable added value

to the overall quality of a project in the eyes of architects, designers, and developers.

FlosB&BItaliaGroup_CTA_B&B Italia

Sustainability Ethos

The Group’s overarching belief is that crafting beauty has to be sustainable – it is one of the key strategic assets that will enable it to become a pioneering and responsible global leader in high-end design. With a transparent approach, the Group has laid out a strong ESG strategy for the coming years, built on strong initiatives and measurable targets. The goal is to create long lasting products that help people towards a better quality of life, while reducing their environmental footprint.

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