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Corporate governance

Governance FlosB&BItaliaGroup_Hero
Governance FlosB&BItaliaGroup_Hero

Our corporate governance system plays a key role in the transparent and responsible running of our business.

Daniel Lalonde_CEO FlosB&BItaliaGroup

Daniel Lalonde

Chief Executive Officer, Flos B&B Italia Group

Since joining Flos B&B Italia Group, Lalonde has quickly set a bold ambition and has begun implementing strategic moves to further expand the company’s global leadership and footprint. Lalonde has also put sustainability at the core of the Group’s mission, developing a strong purpose-centric strategy for achieving fully sustainable design.


Executive Committee

The primary decision-making body of Flos B&B Italia Group is the Executive Committee. The ExCo comprised of executive, operational and functional directors, defines strategic objectives and coordinates their implementation.


Our shareholders

In September 2018, Investindustrial and Carlyle announced their intention to create a global high-end design group that brings together a collection of powerful and complementary brands. Since then, in line with this vision, a strong central leadership team has been appointed to lead and unlock the benefits of larger scale and deeper know-how shared across the combined organizations.

Board of Directors

Chairman: Gabriele Del Torchio

Chief Executive Officer: Daniel Lalonde

Directors:Marco De Benedetti, Dante Razzano, Massimiliano Caraffa, Roberto Maestroni, Alessandro Varisco, Chiara Palmieri

Board of Statutory Auditors 

Chairman: Maurizio Salom

Statutory Auditors: Mara Vanzetta, Massimo Gallina

Supervisory Board 

Chairman: Gianmaria Palminteri

Member: Fabio Faccini


Ethics and business conduct

At Flos B&B Italia Group we place ethics and integrity at the heart of our business conduct.