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Flos B&B Italia Group is a global leader in high-end design, with a cultural heritage of European origin, characterised by an unparalleled portfolio of iconic Brands and a multi-channel distribution approach.

Driven by a purpose of “We design for a beautiful life,” the Group designs for the planet, people and culture. The Group encompasses Flos, B&B Italia, Louis Poulsen, Maxalto, Arclinea, Azucena, FENDI Casa, Audo and Lumens.

Flos B&B Italia Group at a glance

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Our Designers

Thanks to our portfolio of high-end Brands and our roster of world-class designers, Flos B&B Italia Group is also a beacon for attracting talent. Our Brands are not only home to some of the most beloved and trend defining designers, but we are also supporting the next generation of creatives.

Lighting making of_Louis Poulsen

Our Factories

Our Brands each rely on carefully selected suppliers’ networks that enable them to retain critical phases in-house and ensure the highest level of quality. To manage this complexity, supply chains are managed directly by Brands.

Arclinea kitchen FlosB&BItaliaGroup

Our Global Footprint

Our global footprint gives us a unique platform and we are committed to using this to spread design consciousness, to inspire future talent and to share our belief that beauty can, and should always be, sustainable.

Bvlgari Hotel&Resort Paris_B&B Italia

Our Contract Projects

The Contract Division enables synergies and team working among the Brands preserving their uniqueness and providing considerable added value to the overall quality of high-end contract projects, operating in premium segments of different sectors.

We design
for a beautiful

Flos B&B Italia Group_Flos_Outdoor_mobile
Flos B&B Italia Group_Flos_Outdoor

Purpose & Values

Flos B&B Italia Group’s mission is to spread beauty and design culture around the world. At Flos B&B Italia Group, we commit to this aim and pursue this common ethos while preserving each Brand’s identity and design DNA. While acting in different domains of high-end design, across different geographies, each Brand in our Group incorporates this mission with dedication in their operations.

Beauty, craftmanship, quality and sustainability are fundamental to our collective creed. Supporting heritage is another shared priority with each member of our Group nurturing design talent, engaging in scientific research and fostering pioneering partnerships to preserve iconic design legacies for the benefit of future generations.

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Purpose&Values_Group_Design Holding

Ambition & Commitment

We lead our Brands by inspiring them, recognising their achievements, providing them with direction, sharing best practices, and setting benchmarks and expectations, all while respecting their core heritage and identities. We are rooted in our heritage but are also decidedly avant-garde and focused on the future through innovation.

We want our Brands to focus on what they do best: reflecting the state of the world by setting and anticipating relevant consumer trends through innovation. We want them to design beautiful things and transform spaces into beautiful locations – both in the home and beyond (gardens, offices, hotels, public buildings, and much more) – through a wide range of unmatched global services and offerings. Ultimately, we want them to enhance daily lives through functionality, comfort, and inspiration. We are both a stimulus to our Brands and a curator that gives them a common purpose and common values.

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Since October 2021, the Group has been led by CEO Daniel Lalonde who has quickly set a bold ambition and has begun implementing strategic moves to further expand the company’s global leadership and footprint. Daniel Lalonde has also put sustainability at the core of the Group’s mission, developing a strong purpose centric strategy for achieving fully sustainable design.

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In this section, you will find all publications including press releases, presentations, annual and interim reports and reference documents of Flos B&B Italia Group S.p.A. and Flos B&B Italia S.p.A., the company subject to the direction and coordination of Flos B&B Italia Group.


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